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Google Blog Search Pinging

  1. What is the Google Blog Search Pinging Service?

    The Google Blog Search Pinging Service is a way to inform Google Blog Search of weblog updates. These updates are then published and shared with other search engines to allow them to discover the changes to your weblogs. In addition, Google Blog Search will add submitted weblogs to the list of blogs it needs to crawl and index.

  2. Who should use the Google Blog Search Pinging Service?

    The Google Blog Search Pinging Service is for bloggers who wish to have their blogs crawled by Google and have them updated in Google Blog Search. It is also for blogging services that wish to provide the service to their blog writers. Google currently monitors other pinging services and will continue to do that. However pinging Google directly will potentially reduce latency when crawling your blogs.

  3. How do I manually ping Google Blog Search?

    If your blog has recently changed and you would like Google to crawl it please submit your blog URL here. Since this service is a one time notification service, every time your blog changes please submit your blog again.

  4. How often should I ping Google Blog Search?

    You should ping as often as your blog changes. If you wish to use our API to make this automatic, please take a look at our API here

  5. I pinged the Google Blog Search, but why don't I see the results in Google Blog Search?

    While the Google Blog Search Pinging Service helps us stay informed about updates to your blog, it doesn't guarantee that your blog will be included in our Blog Search results. Since our inclusion process is automated, many factors, such as delays between when we receive the ping and when we then crawl your blog, can affect your blog's inclusion.

  6. How can I configure my blogging software to ping Google?

    Many commercial blogging providers may already be pinging Google Blog Search, so you should check with your provider. You may also either manually ping the service as noted above or ping us programmatically through use of the Google Blog Search Pinging Service API. Please consult the API documentation for information on how to set up clients to ping us automatically

  7. How can I see the list of my recent pings?

    The Google Blog Search Pinging Service attempts to share its pings with the rest of the world. Google publishes the last 5 minutes of Blog Search of ping activity as an XML file to You may retrieve pings of different time lengths by adding a last parameter to this URL, specifying the number of seconds from 1 to 300 (5 min). For example will return pings for the last 2 minutes. Please consult the changes.xml format documentation for information about the data returned in this file.

  8. I use Google Sitemaps to notify Google of changes to my site. Should I still use the Google Blog Search pinging service?

    If you're currently using Google Sitemaps within Google, we encourage you to continue to do so. Google Sitemaps, a tool within Google webmaster tools, can provide you with valuable information about your site's visibility in our web search results. However, if you're a blogging provider, Google Blog Search Pinging Service can help you ensure your blog's most up-to-date information is included in our Blog Search results.

  9. Is Google Blog Search going to continue to monitor other pinging services?

    Yes. We very much plan to continue to monitor other pinging services like before


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