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Feedburner; Checking out your stats

If you curious to see how things are going with your new feed or to see how to edit your feed settings you can do so by visiting You will need to log back in and click on your feed's name. When you do this you will be guided to a tabbed page. This page contains information on your feed stats. There are also tabs for Optimize, Publicize, Monetize, and "Troubleshootize" (cute). If you have an adsence account, you can easily put ads in your feeds here.

The most likely tab that you will use the most it the one that greets you for statistics. All of FeedBurner's Statistics are now free!

* Uncommon Uses: This is a new concept they're introducing that really begins to leverage the critical mass of feed readers, bots, search engines, news filters, and other common feed sources that we observe. Uncommon Uses identifies and highlights places where your feed content is referenced or clicked that FeedBurner does not recognize as a common feed service. Uncommon uses includes contact with your feed by non-subscribers.
* Podcasts: They've added the ability to track the number of downloads of rich media enclosures within a feed, including audio and video, in addition to the number of subscriptions.

TotalStats is their Premium Service which offers more information, for a fee.