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Feedburner Chicklet

I am going to take advantage of Feedburner's ability to create chicklets. Chicklets are those little pictures, which ironically kind of resemble 'Chicklets' gum. The make it easy for people to subscribe to your posts. So...let's do it.
Feedburner makes it easy to publicize your blog.

Chicklet Chooser

Promote your FeedBurner feed directly on your website! Place HTML that Chicklet Chooser automatically generates for you in your site templates to help users easily subscribe to your feed.

Choose the new standard feed icon: (I prefer this because it is the most widely known)

Subscribe in a reader Info (Why is this icon now a standard?)
Subscribe in a reader

Or use a custom icon from popular web aggregators:

Or showcase your devotion to all things FeedBurner (and, thank you!):

so much to love

I heart FeedBurner