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Increase Traffic

If th intent of your blog is to make money, promote something, prove to the world that you have some great knowledge, or to be noticed, traffic matters.

If your blog is simply there to show pictures of the kids to grandma or to fulfill a class requirement, you may not want traffic. Seriously consider going to your settings tag and make sure that you have indicated for Google to NOT share your blog on their listings and to NOT promote it in search engines.

Want to know how to get more traffic? Read on.....

First of all, make sure that you have indicated in your basic setting tab that you do want your blog added to the Google listing and you do want it used in search engines. This is an easy given.

You can pay for promotion using Google AdWords or Yahoo or another internet option. There is a price to pay for the Google option and with good reason. How many times today have you Googled? Yahoo is a good alternative and is much less expensive. However, keep in mind that using Google allows you the chance to become one of those AdWord advertisements on someone else's blog.

Obviously, you want to write often. This comes down to the pinging thing and every time you write you get pinged. The more the better. Just make sure that your posts make sense, aren't redundant, and are well written. Make the reader want to come back or tell everyone else about you.

Take advantage of those free search engine submissions. Read this post for ideas.

Make friends. After you post, cruise through blogger and leave comments on other's blogs. Join communities. Start or join a blog roll.Get social and join a social network.

Offer an RSS feed (make it easy too by adding extra buttons).

Links, tags, labels and trackbacks are great to use because search engines pick these up.

Hope these ideas helped you. If you have any, please let me know.


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