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BlogRolling is a one-stop linklist manager for your blog or journal. They help you manage your ever-evolving linklist with ease.

Now it's as simple as clicking a link or making a pit stop at BlogRolling. offers
  • Easy setup
    Add one simple piece of code to your website and you're off and running!
  • 1-click BlogRolling
    You'll never have to interrupt your surfing to add a cool new site to your linklist - just add the BlogRolling 1-click link to your browser's links and click it whenever a site catches your eye. Voila, instant linkage!
  • Easy editing
    Add, delete or revise your links anytime with a quick visit to our easy-to-use blogroll editing page.

Try the Blogroll Me!" link wizard

This will create a piece of code that you can put on your blog to let other BlogRolling Members add you to their blogrolls. Granted people can do this already with the BlogrollThis! bookmarklet but it never hurts to give people more than one method to link you. Also this lets you specify the URL you want linked to allow consistency.

When you copy and paste the code that they generate for you, the result looks something like this;
Blogroll Me!
Right Click on the link above to get to where you want to be.

Sounds easy enough

They also offer Click Blogrolling
Through use of the one-click link addition bookmarklet. You can add links to your blogroll without ever coming back to the site.