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Why I love Feedsweep

This is a Feedsweep feed. It is a FREE gadget that is very easy to set up. Feedsweep automatically updates whenever a site updates. You can design your own feed or use on of there templetes/

FeedSweep is an Cloud Computing service that pulls news and content from any Internet "feed" source and incorporates it to your web page or blog. It allows you to display constantly-updated news or information from an RSS, ATOM or RDF feed without any manual updates on your behalf.
Dynamic Content

Include up-to-date information from other web sites and news services to bolster your blog or web site's content. FeedSweep is a very popular, FREE service that allows you to include feeds with NO programming or coding.

They have collected the URL's of some of the most popular and well-updated news feeds under the Basic Editor section. With the Advanced Editor, you have the option of using one or many of your own favorite news feeds. FeedSweep will even combine multiple news feeds.

FeedSweep provides the ultimate in customization of colors and styles. There is a large collection of ready-made styles for you to choose from. Create a FeedSweep widget using the Basic Editor to browse and preview any of these styles. Or create a widget with the Advanced Editor and make your own style.
FeedSweep widgets use industry-standard JavaScript to place feed information on your web page in exactly the same manner as a Google ad. The inserted FeedSweep widget is compatible with all the popular web browsers and can read every popular feed format from RSS to ATOM to RDF. Plus, it's free.

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