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Blogger terms

Blog client -  is software used to write, post, and edit your blog. 
Blogger-Person who writes a blog. Blogger is also the blog service name used for the Google blog system.  
Blog feed - The RSS/Atom or XML based system of displaying information aboutthe latest blog posts soon after they happen. An easy way to update readers. 
Blog hopping or Surfing- Following links from one blog to another using the links within the blogs.    
Blogosphere- The entire blogging community.If you blog, congratulations, you're a member.
Blogroll- Listing of blogs on a blog complete with links to the blogs. Sort of like of a promotional link to your friend's blogs. 
Blog site -The web location (URL) of a blog.
Collaborative blog -A blog  on which multiple users  post.  
Comment spam-  Robot “spambots” flood a blog with advertising in the form of bogus comments.  
 Flog-   A blog that's ghostwritten by someone, such as in the marketing department.
  Hits -Number of users to a blog.   
Linkroll-A list of  bookmarked links with brief descriptions.    
Permanent link./Permalink- The unique URL of a single post 
Photoblog -A blog  containing photos.
Ping-The alert in the TrackBack system that notifies the original poster of a blog post when someone else writes an entry concerning the original post. 
Podcasting-  Posting audio and video material on a blog and its RSS feed.
Post- A Blog entry 
RSS-Really Simple Syndication is   feed formats used to publish frequently updated content such as blog entries.
RSS aggregator-Software or online service allowing a blogger to read an RSS feed.( Also called a reader, or feedreader.)
RSS feed-The file containing a blog’s latest posts. It is read by an RSS aggregator/reader.
  Subscribe-The term used when a blogs feed is added to a feed reader and allows readers to receive notification when there are new posts in a blog.  
TrackBack- A system that allows a blogger to see who has seen the original post and has written another entry concerning it. The system works by sending a 'ping' between the blogs. 
Vlog-A video blog; a vlogger is a video blogger