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Hate your nav bar?

The Nav Bar is the strip on the top of you blog that blogger puts in. It contains a search box, a link to the next blog and a few other items. Blogger would prefer that you don't mess with this. Afterall, they are giving you free web space, you might as well leave their logo on there- right?
If you must 'disable' or be rid of this what you'll need to do is go to the html link in your layout tag.

Do a search to to locate the navbar code. For most browsers, cmd + F will bring up a search box. Type in navbar. It should be in the style section at the top.

Your result may look like this

.navbar {...

Type the copy and paste the following code over the .navbar{....}:
#b-navbar {

The key is to make sure that this code ends up in the style section.
Always, always, always, back up your html before you mess around with it. Also, it helps to hit preview before you actually save any changes. You can always erase the changes without affecting your blog.
Save your changes and view your blog. The navbar should be gone.

Once again, the elegant simplicity of CSS saves the day. Technically, this combination of style declarations doesn't really turn off the navbar; it just hides it from view.