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Business blogs

Blogs are a great marketing tool. Business blogs are an inexpensive and easy form of marketing. These blogs can notify customers of news, promotions , answer questions, promote contests and share company ideas and tips. The blog can also come across a more personable approach as visitors can leave comments. Comments cab give insight into what your customers are thinking. Almost like instant feedback.

If you are thinking about setting one up for your company you should begin by considering the ultimate purpose. If the blog is to sell items- choose a theme that promote items through pictures and description opportunities.

Who will be allowed to post on the blog. Have policies in place about what kind of content is to be included in the blog. If your purpose is to promote new products, make sure that the person most knowledgeable in doing so is blogging.

One tip about how often to post is to consider how many visits or hits you are getting. Post short articles, about 200-300 words, at least three times a week to start. Sign up for a site counter to see how many hits you are getting. Also, check to see how many comments you are getting per day to see how much interest you are generating.

As far as comments go, you want to make it as easy as possible to do so, with some limitations. By limitations, I mean, there are some bad guys out there that will leave a link with a direction to some fraudulent or wreckless location. Easy to do with word verification. This slows these people done. It is definitely worth the risk to allow easy comments though because your visitors will feel welcomed and will want to visit again.

I'm a Google Blooger person. I have tried the others and I have to say that with the user-friendliness of Blogger far outweighs what the competition has to offer. Blogger appeals to all levels from beginners to the advanced. Plus, they keep making it better.

Buy a domain name and direct it to your blog. I prefer GoDaddy. They make it very easy to do.
Blogs are definitly the easiest and most affordable website for a small business.