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HaloScan is a wonderful tool that is free to use.
They offer a comment service and is very easy to use.

Comments Features

  • Easy, two-step installation on any weblog or webpage
  • Supports all major blogging platforms
  • Comment moderation
  • Ban offensive commenters by single IP or an IP range
  • Fully customizable comment window
  • Hundreds of user-submitted templates to pick from
  • Worldwide time-zone and language support
  • RSS-XML feed/syndication
  • Manage comments and trackbacks
  • Comments dashboard
  • Comment backup / export feature
  • In-line / embedded comment support
  • Recent comments widget
  • Gravatar support
  • Email notification of new comments
  • Comment spam filters
  • Email support
  • Solid performance
  • On-site backups

Ratings Features

Let your visitors rate your blog entries, merchandise items, services, pictures, or any other objects on your site. The service is based on a 5-star rating.

Benefits for visitors
  • Express opinions quickly and easily
  • Intuitive, graphical view of community opinion
  • Ability to change one's personal rating at any time
  • Seeing how other people rate the components of your site
Benefits for web publishers
  • Collect valuable data about your audience's tastes and preferences
  • Enables dynamic discovery based on community opinion
  • Robust operation and full data backup
  • Customizable presentation
  • Service statistics
  • Cross-browser compatibility

Polls Features

The polls service is instantly configurable to any number of arbitrary poll questions. The blog owner can easily specify the duration of the poll and if the results are displayed before or after a visitor votes.

Benefits for visitors
  • Expressing opinions quickly and easily
  • No registrations to fill, no logins to forget
  • Instant visual poll results
Benefits for web publishers
  • Robust operation and full backup of your data
  • On-the-fly modification of existing polls