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Google Gears Up MySpace

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Google is supplying software technology that will let users of MySpace more quickly search their e-mail. ....

Google released pricing for a new service that gives independent developers access to the same computer infrastructure that the Silicon Valley Internet leader uses to run its own Web services.

These moves mark the push Google is making to turn the Web browser into a full-scale platform for software development that offers many, if not all, the features of computer-based desktop programs.
Google says that more than 150,000 developers have joined a waiting list for Google-hosted computer capacity over the past six weeks. The attraction is that the first 500 megabytes of data storage and enough processing and bandwidth for about 5 million page views a month — enough to run a small successful start-up — are free. Charges apply as demand grows.

Google Gears will store e-mail data on a MySpace member's local computer, which then speeds the process of searching messages by name, subject, content, date or other attributes.
MySpace counted 110 million users earlier this year. Google Gears gives MySpace e-mail users search features that even Google's own Gmail users do not now enjoy. The deal is part of a growing partnership between the two companies: Google has a three-year, $900 million deal to supply advertisements to MySpace.

Add AOL to the mix.
AOL will open up its myAOL service to the use of Google Gadgets to allow users to add the web-based applications to myAOL pages.