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Webmaster Toolkit

The webmaster toolkit is a hidden secret for webmasters. This free site came into existence as a collection of webmaster tools developed to help myself and a few other webmasters with our daily webmaster chores.

They offer free services to help webmasters with their daily web design chores. Many of these are useful for bloggers as blogs are basically websites. Check out a few goodies.

Want to see where a computer is located? Type in the ip address on this page and find out.

Ping Utility- ends echo requests to the address you specify and lists the responses received and their round trip time. When the utility is terminated it summarizes the results, giving the average round trip time and the percent packet loss. This utility can be used to determine whether there is a problem with the network connection between two hosts.

Meta Tag Generator- will read the page you specify, remove common words from it, and pick the most used words on the page. It will then generate a Meta Keywords tag using the words it has found. Extra weight will be given to words in a heading tag

Domain Name Checker will help you find the domain you've been looking for, or check the details of an existing domain. Simply input the domain you're after, and select what TLDs (top level domains) you want to search for, and click the button.

Search Engine Spider Simulator strips out the HTML tags from the page you specify and shows you how the page would look to search engine spiders.

Webmaster Toolkit - free webmaster tools