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How can I use the new Blogger Layouts features?

The Quick Answer

  • On the Layouts tab, you can customize page elements, fonts and colors, HTML, and templates.
  • All newly created blogs automatically have Layouts enabled.
  • Old blogs with the Template tab can be upgraded from your dashboard.

Are you tired of dealing with HTML and CSS every time you want to change the look of your blog? Well, it turns out that there's an easier way. With the Layouts feature, you can drag-and-drop to move parts of your page around, and choose new fonts and colors with easy mouse clicks. Newly created blogs will work this way automatically, but for blogs without this feature, you'll need to upgrade your template. Here's how.

1) Find the name of your blog on your dashboard, and click the Template link next to it. If this link says Layout instead, then it's already upgraded and you can skip the rest of these steps.

2) On the Template page you should see the standard window of HTML code. Now look in the navigation links for the tab that says Customize Your Design and click it.

3) You'll get a message explaining that Blogger will make a backup of your current template and replace it with an upgraded one. The backup will be made available indefinitely, so you can revert back to it later if you need to. Click the Upgrade Your Template button to continue.

4) Choose one of our default template designs. You'll be able to modify it all you want, once you pick one of these as the starting point. Click Save Template when you've made your choice.

Now you're all set. You'll end up on the new "Page Elements" tab, where you can start arranging things however you like. If you want to know more about using these new features before you dive in, you can read about them here: Layout Guide and Fonts & Colors. Have fun!