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Your Business Blog- Header Image

This is another installment in my series of posts about using a blog for your business website.
If you have missed the others- check them out.
When your website or blog first loads, the first thing that the visitor will see is the header. This is their introduction to your site. And because first impressions can make or break you in the business world, your header can be important.

Your header should give the most basic yet, important information about your site. For your business, this would mean the name of your business first and foremost. Other items that you may want to include depending on the nature of your business, are;
  • Contact Information
  • What your business does or sells
  • Your business location.
If your business is of a serious nature, you may not want to use an image. If you have a logo, you may want to use it here, alone or as part of a larger image.

You can easily make your own header image if you have the software. Another option would be to hire someone, like a graphic designer, to make a custom image with logo for you. There are internet sites that you can use to download an image for free.
Here are a few of them;

Setting your header properties is easy in Blogger.
Simply click on the layout link from your dashboard, click on the edit button on the header element. Here is where you can modify what you have, upload an image and decide on using the image with or without a title and description. A good idea for the beginner would be to download a free header image from one of the sites above, upload it to your layout, and then customize it with your information. You can get more specific later on.

Experiment with the different options to get the header that you like best. You may want to ask other for their opinion as well.