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Most Blogs Can Live Without These.....

It could be because they are purposeless or because we have seen them used all to often.
Whatever the reason is, here are some things that your blog can most likely live without.

The Calendar Widget
Why do you need one on a blog anyway?

Too many Images and not enough Text
Yes, images are good as they add to the readers enjoyment. However, if you use too many images an not enough text, readers will ask what they heck you are writing about.

Lack of author individuality.
An about me page can handle this well. A photo of you or links to your other blogs/ websites are helpful. Readers like to envision speakers as they are reading.

Too much stuff!
As I have mentioned before, we all know you are popular. We do not have to see it with every single possible social media widget. It gets cheap and distracting. It is like the back dash of a car that is filled with stuff animals.

Tag Clouds are cute but, having said cute, are not for serious blogs.

Too many Advertisements can cheapen your look.
This is a tough one now that the move is from cost per click to action payment.
Go lean or they will all distract from one another. Is your blog about ads or is it about your topic?

I will definitely be adding to this list. Feel free to send yours in or leave some on my comment form.