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Re-evaluate your blog

Everyone who has had a website or blog for a long period of time can tell you that it is not a bad idea to re-evaluate your site from time to time. A re-evaluation can help you keep up with your readers and the times, help you stay focus or re-focus, or simply clean things up.

How often should you re-evaluate?
Do a quick over-all scan monthly.
Make sure that your links work, the page loads efficiently, your images display correctly and that all of the incoming comments meet up to your standards.

When you do a more in depth re-evaluation, go into it with the understanding that you may need to put some time into making a huge overhaul or some minor tweaks.
Have an open mind when you evaluate as your ideas may have changed or progressed and you may know your reader base a bit better.

Check these out;
  • Your sites primary purpose.Do your posts still match your intended purpose? Has your purpose changed? Do you need to change your purpose? Is there still a purpose?
  • Focus. Does your site still focus on the purpose? Have advertising and social needs taken over?
  • First impressions. Put yourself in the eyes of the visitor. What kind of first impressions are you getting from your site? Is the topic clear? Is the look pleasing? Are ads and social media items taking over?
  • Navigation and usability. Is the site easy to navigate? Ade there too many topics or topics that are hard to find? It may be a good time to add navigation and/or links to make it easier for people.
  • Dated look. Styles do come and go and it is possible that there may be something on your site that may date it. Be wary of images and colors as these may be be the first sign of being dated.
  • Do you really want or need everything that is on your site? It may be time to clean house and streamline things.
Website designers try to update or freshen a look at least yearly. This is done to make sure that everything is still working and remains relevant. Don't do this too often, such as monthly, as it can cheapen your look and make it look less consistent. When you do change things, make sure that at least one thing stays the same. It could be colors, a logo, or something else.

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