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Promote your blog

After you have developed and test marketed your blog, it is time to promote it. This is the point when you feel like your blog is presentable to the masses. The header image works, the layout works and the navigation is pleasing. Now to get some traffic.

There are a lot of tips out there to help you. Most of these tips have worked well for the tipsters. Whether or not they will work your you may be a different story. But, it's worth a try.

When you start out, take it slowly and do not overwhelm yourself or your blog. You do not want to burn yourself out. Also, you need to take it slowly to make a proper evaluation of what works for you.

Here are some tips.
  • Comment on other blogs. The blogsite holder reads them as well as their visitors. Start by leaving a comment on my blog. You can also use a site such as blogs of note where there are bound to be plenty of good blogs with plenty of visitors
  • Check out sites like Digg, StumbleUpon,, and Reddit . They can actually send you quite a few visitors. Don't do all at once though as your blog will become tired fast.
  • Invite a fellow blogger to guest blog on your site. A reciprocal guest blog is like sharing the wealth. I enjoy the invitation myself.
  • Have something that everyone wants and give it to them. Free downloads are a good way to get visits.

  • Purchase advertising through Google, Yahoo or even other blogs.
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