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Promote your business blog

This post is in conjunction to a series of posts concerning using a blog as your business website. For information on the related posts, visit the links below.
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Extra Items to Add to Your Business Blog
Once you have your site up and running, it is time to promote it and let the world know that your site exists. Here are some tip to help promote your new blog website.

Start off by getting a domain name. .
I recommend GoDaddy. Domain name registration is easy and cheap to do with GoDaddy. They will show you how to point your domain name to your blog . Check out the prices there too! $6.95 .com Sale 120x90

20 ways to promote your business blog website.
  1. Make sure that your domain name is relevant to your business. The easier it is to remember, the more likely people will be to use it.
  2. Add your Domain name to everything. Get new business cards and stationary if you need to. It will be worth the investment.
  3. Promote your newsletter. You can do this simply by placing a reminder on invoices or have a sign-up sheet at your place of business.
  4. Advertise locally. You may need to spend a little to do this. Consider your local paper, programs for productions or sporting events, and local sponsorships.
  5. Internet advertising. Google, MSN, and Yahoo are good places to start. You can narrow the target views to your local area.
  6. Mention your website to your local affiliations. This includes Chambers of Commerce and clubs.
  7. Invent a contest that has people visit your site to find results or to sign up.
  8. Give something away on your site. Coupons and "deals of the week" are both good examples.
  9. Write a press release and send it to all local media members.
  10. Write an article and submit it to papers or local websites and blogs.
  11. If you have been published or have gotten publicity, get permission from the publisher to post a copy of it on your site.
  12. Start a list of people who would like to receive e-mails when you post coupons and specials.
  13. Be sure to list your website on listings such as telephone directories.
  14. Submit your site to Google Local and Yahoo local.
  15. Host a website launch celebration or party.
  16. Have a reason why people would want to visit your site. For instance, allow people to submit photographs or artwork to your site.
  17. Invite a local figure to be a guest blogger.
  18. Make sure that your site's domain name is on everything that has your business' name.
  19. Put your domain name on your business window, door and/or wall in large print.
  20. Use e-mail addresses for you and your employees that contain the domain name in it. Also, add it the the signature of all outgoing e-mails.