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Gadgets to add to your busines blogger blog.

This post is in conjunction with a series of posts concerning using a blog as a business website.

The gadgets that you add to your blog should be information and promotional.
Informational gadgets should give the visitor the information that the reader wants to know about your business, you and your products. Promotional should promote your business, you and your products. Sticking to these guidelines will help you stay focused in your efforts.

Normally, I do my blogger work using my regular blogger dashboard. The older version of blogger seems to get along better with Firefox. I get fewer, if any, error messages. Using blogger in draft becomes frustrating when you get the error messages and have to deal with a Blogger Group, and only a Blogger Group in an attempt to get help, which is rare.

Once you have signed in, access blogger in draft . Go to your layouts tab and then page elements.
If you click on "add a gadget" you will see a plethora of gadgets to choose from. There are way too many to mention here.

The Gadgets that best promote and/or inform include;


Blog List Blog List Nice idea if you or co workers have a blog. You can do specialty departments. This list allows you to add snippets of information.

Subscription Links Subscription Links Let your readers easily subscribe to your blog with popular feed readers

Search Box Search Box ( Search over your blog, your blogroll, and everything you've linked to.

Poll Poll Survey your visitors by adding a poll to your blog.
You can ask potential clients what they would like to learn about or see.

Link List Link List Add a collection of your favorite sites, blogs, or web pages. You can use it to link to different associates or departments.

Picture Picture Add a picture from your computer or from somewhere else on the web. Great for promoting a product or building location of your business.

Text Text Add some words to your blog - like a welcome message - with our rich text editor.

HTML/JavaScript HTML/JavaScript Add third-party functionality or other code to your blog. This is useful if you are going to add something like a link to a professional organization or badge.

Feed Feed Add content from an RSS or Atom feed to your blog.
So easy to do and acts like a subscription RSS newsletter from another site.

Labels Labels Show all the labels of posts in your blog.
I prefer this to Archive as labels look less 'bloggy'.

Profile Profile Display information about yourself or your business.

Blog Archive Blog Archive Display links to older posts.
Useful if you will be doing a "how to" or similar blog.

Page Header
Page Header
Probably Already added Display your blog's title and description.

Many of these items allow you to use your imagination to use them in a different way that best meets your need. Take a look at them and they may help spark an idea.