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Yahoo Widgets

Probably the one place that Yahoo shines over anyone else, including Google, is their desktop widgets. I have enjoyed the Yahoo widgets on my desktop for a long time and have never had a problem with them

The Yahoo widget allows you to :

Save time with live updates right on your desktop

  • Your favorite info comes to you
  • No need to surf around for what you use most

Convenient at-a-glance view keeps your Widgets in line

  • Get all of your personalized updates in one place
  • Neatly organize your Widgets along any edge of your desktop
Yahoo! Widget Dock

Choose from more than 4,000 Widgets. Make it all yours

Speedier than ever

  • Dramatic performance improvements make your Widgets even faster
  • Uses less computer memory for Widgets, which leaves mo
I have installed a tic-tac-toe board widget that I have assigned different webcams to.


Enter and display four or nine webcams of your choice in one Widget. Go into the preferences to enter new image locations.

Clicking an image will enlarge it to fill out the Widget and clicking again with go back to the four or nine camera view. With Webcams all over the world, you can view Central Park, the traffic in D.C. and more, all at the same time. To find webcams, simply type "webcam+location of your choice" in your search engine. TV news channels usually have the best ones if you are interested in cities.