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Affiliate Marketing

With the uproar over Google phasing out their AdSense affiliate marketing, many bloggers are looking elsewhere. The truth is that most affiliate marketing companies have phased out their cost per click plans. The reason- not only did it cost them money but, there was some fraudulent clicking going on. Some people took advantage of the situation and would place a "click here" over the ad link or hire a company to click for them.

Affiliate marketing is an online advertising channel in which advertisers pay publishers, such as bloggers, to show their advertisements on their site. 'Cost per Click' would pay the blogger or host for every click that was generated fri their site whether or not the clicker followed through beyond the click.

The New Affiliate Marketing from Google will now only pay for for results, such as a visitor making a purchase or filling out a form.

While it may be easy for bloggers to get 10 clicks a week from ther 50 or so visits they get, getting an action may be a whole different ballgame. This is why the average blogger is concerned. Few bloggers actually get the 10,000 visits per day, an arbitrary amount which would definitly see a follow through or two.

  • When searching for an affiliate program consider the following;
  • How much will you earn per action
  • Will the payment be in cash, check or merchandise credit?
  • At what level will you actually receive payment? $100? $50?
  • What kind of businesses does the affiliate marketer represent?

There are actually quite a few affiliate programs. Now that AdSense is paying per action, other programs seem more attractive because they are offering the same or similar incentives.
Here are some to check out.
  1. Pay Per Click
  2. Affiliate
  4. Best Buy
  5. Comp USA
  6. Commission Junction
  7. Children's Books
  8. My New Bag
  9. eBay
  10. eFashion House
  11. Gap
  12. Old Navy
  13. Office Depot
  14. Staples
  15. Office Max
  16. Walmart
  17. Amazon
  18. Affiliate Programs/Children's Clothing
  19. Peets Coffee and Tea

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