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Remove the Navbar in Blogger

If you have decided to use one of the standard blogger templates for your blog, you have been blessed with a navbar. The navbar sites on the top of your blog and is used to navigate between Blogger blogs. They can be nice in that you can get random traffic when someone hits "next blog" and they land on yours.
Navbars also give visitors the ability to flag or search a blog.

On the downside, the navbar can make your blog look like a blog and not like something special or like a webpage.

  • In order to remove it you need to go to the html link on your layout tab.
  • Do a search (control +F most browsers) for </b:skin>

  •   Paste the following code right before the </b:skin>.
#navbar-iframe {  height:0px;   visibility:hidden;   display:none}

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