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20 Great Blogging Tips

You can attract people to hit on your site but, what will make them return?
90% of their return has to do with the content that you are providing. If your content is presented well and what the reader is looking for, they will most likely return and evern, bookmark or subscribe to it.

Here are some ideas on providing content worth returning for.

  • Stick to the theme for your site. It you run a cooking site few of your readers will want to read about your puppy.
  • Organize the overall look of your site. That is, maintain your white space and make the over-all look and feel inviting.
  • Use a variety of approaches to achieve your theme goal. That is, present your information in a variety of ways.
  • Write an eye catching yet informative headline to draw the reader in.
  • Make the post easy to scan. You can do this with lists, bolding, and breaking up long sentences.
  • Spread your knowledge by writing a "Tutorial" or "How to list."
  • Prove your credibility. Use links and credits.
  • I know it's been said but, be personable. That is, write like you are talking to an old friend.
  • Guest blogging is like sharing the wealth. By the way, if you are interested in a reciprocal, please e-mail me.
  • Keep it simple. That is, know when and where to edit your posts.
  • Consider breaking up your long posts into a series of posts. You can do the all at once and set the post date to stagger them
  • Images and diagrams can break up the word-monotony.
  • Bullets and numbered lists can help break up the word monotony.
  • Don't be so focused on earning ad revenue. Especially since the trend now is towards cost per action rather that cost per click. Most likely, you won't be earning a lot of money and if you do, if won't be until you are established as a better than good blogger.
  • Make it easy to comment. You can always go in and remove them.
  • Keep working at your craft. Spend some time each day researching your topic and how to become a better writer or blogger.
  • Don't steal. Seriously. Readers know when they have seen the same information, worded the same over and over. When they see it happening in the same location it's super-obvious and the result is a loss of credibility. Plus, you wouldn't want it happening to you.
  • Quote. If you like the information, quote and link to the author/source. It's professional to also alert the author in some way. Consider using the "link to" option.
  • Check your sources. If someone says someone said then go to the someone who said and get the information directly and correctly.
  • See what the others are doing and make friends while you're there. Check out the presentation, ideas, use of colors and be sure to leave a nice comment.

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