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My Best Ideas

When you write every day, and usually more than once a day, sometimes you can struggle for new ideas. Every writer hits the 'brick wall' at some time. Some hit it quite often. This is why you need to have some kind of strategy in place to deal with this when it happens.

Here are some ideas that help me deal with the writers block.

  • Reading comments. Sometimes it's the commentators that can give you the best ideas. If anything, the posts with the most comments will tell you which post topics are the most popular and generate the most interest.

  • Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe. The best subscriptions are those that are e-mailed to you. The next best are the ones that you can quickly add to your homepage such as with Google or Yahoo. These ideas are all easy to scan and can give you great ideas.

  • Check out the online news. Sometimes news can lead you to worthwhile topics.

  • Lastly, go over some of your old posts. You can add to them, update them or just re-post them

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