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Don't Do This to Your Blog!

Don't do this to your blog means, if you do any of these mistakes, you could ruin the look, credibility and feel to your blog.

Here is a listing of 10 things to not do to your blog.

  • Don't Hide your Subscription buttons. Make them obvious and easy if you want subscribers.
  • Don't let your ads overtake your blog. Unless you are in the business of blogging ads and nothing else, which in itself says enough.
  • Don't use long and endless paragraphs. Remember your school teachers who preached that paragraphs should be between 3-5 sentences. Nobody wants to read more than that at a time, especially on the internet.
  • Keep the sidebar short and sweet as well. Too many links can overwhelm. Too many gadgets can really slow stuff down.

  • Don't get carried away with the social networking. You'll never be able to be part of everything. If you try, you'll be taking time away from making a better blog.

  • Don't just post images without text. Yes, it can be quick and easy to do.

  • Don't leave people wondering. Explain what your idea, images etc.

  • Don't be anonymous. Put something about yourself into your blog. You can easily personalize your blog with an "about me" page or a picture.

  • Don't kill the viewer's eyes. Colors are important. An example would be the all black background. You need to add a colorful image, such as a header design, to make this work

  • Don't use more than two kinds of fonts and two kinds of font weights. Things can start to get chaotic after two.