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5 tips on finding that hobby to blog about

Are you stuck on a blog topic?
Or, are you one of those people who has so many hobbies that you don't know how to narrow it down to just one to blog about.

Here are some tips to help you find that hobby blog topic.

  1. Consider what you know the most about. What you know the most about may also be an indication of what you enjoy the most as well. This will give you an indication of what you will be most likely to continue writing about after the thrill of starting a new blog has worn off.

  2. Blog on a topic that has plentiful resources for new information. For example, I blog about chocolate because there are always new stories in the news and the possibilities for posts with recipes are endless.

  3. Check out how many similar blogs there are. If there are too many blogs on one aspect of your hobby then it's been over-done. Check out the competition to find your niche or the reason why someone will visit your blog before someone else's.

  4. What are your resources for information? Do you have an in with a source or are you involved with a group specific to your hobby? This can help you shed a new approach on a topic or serve to inspire new ideas.

  5. And finally, what is your support community like? For instance, there are many scrap booking bloggers. Some of them have formed blog-rings where they support one another by listing their sites on each other's blog. They also visit one another regularly to leave nice comments.

Finding your niche is important to hobby blogging. Sustaining your blog depends on how much new information you can find for it. Traffic and support can depend on the community you belong with.


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