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Checking out your source

Using the internet to find blogging topics is a great idea. There are so many ways that you can become inspired from the vast amount of content. It's a good idea to use a variety of options to get these great ideas.

As a blogger it is important to keep in mind that in a way, you are a journalist. You are interpreting news, stories, ideas and more for your reader. Like actual paid journalists, you are responsible for what you report. Getting inspiration from another 'journalist' is often done, but, you are responsible for the interpretation.

How to find that great inspiration and use it.

  • I have my Firefox browser tabs set to always open on six specific sites whenever I open my browser up for the first time in the day. This simplifies the process of locating news and keeping up with the world. Three of these tabs are different news sources. By different, I mean mostly different points of view. It is amazing how a story can be seen three different ways according to the different points of view.

  • Browsing through the headlines is the best way to find a lead. If something looks remotely interesting I will read the story. Often the story will have sources or additional leads.

  • Any journalism instructor will tell you to check out these sources. Make sure that they actually said or did what the story says they did. Link to the direct source. Why? Because if the story goes bad, the finger points to the source. Also, it makes you look more credible as a writer.

It is okay, and also a common practice to seek inspiration from others. However, in the end you are responsible for what gets posted on your site. Make is a good practice to check things out.


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