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10 Tips on How to make Social Networking work for You

People have been social networking for as long as there has been social communication. The mode of networking has changed over the years however, one thing stays the same. Social networking can work for you.

Today's social networking is mostly internet based. Why not? The internet can provide access to millions of people from all over the world, within seconds.

Here are 10 Tips to help make you successful.

  1. Join a platform that seems easy for you to navigate and popular with your target audience. If you are unsure of which one(s) to join, ask your colleagues. They can point your in the right direction.

  2. After you join take some time to observe how things are done and how to maneuver through the site. You want know what you are doing because it is obvious to others when you do not.

  3. Do a search on the specific subjects that you are interested in. This will point you to a group that you can join. Group members share a common interest and can often provide many leads.

  4. Make friends as long as there is a common friend. The original users of many networking sites get caught up in this unwritten rule because many of them joined without the intent of networking for promotion. While most of the users that are like you may be happy to be your friend, having a common friend is like having an introduction.

  5. Start by subtly getting noticed. Send messages thanking new friends. Update your profile often . Join groups and post 'happy messages' on their wall.

  6. Make people want to come back to you by reminding them that you are there.

  7. Don't be too obvious by sending cheap looking money making invitations or messages.

  8. Always return a comment or message. Simply make it short and sweet.

  9. If you have a product or service to offer, talk about it to your network of friends. Inform them about the products you sell or services that you offer. Don't be phony in your presentation.

  10. Be yourself. The successful net workers put a bit of themselves out there. People respond best when they can relate to another human- genuine human.
Social networking sites can help us succeed in our businesses, provided we learn how to use our connections wisely