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5 Ways to Promote Yourself on Twitter

Twitter, the microblog, is becoming a popular method of online communication.
While some of us use it to just keep us company or to update the world on what we are doing, many bloggers have found Twitter to be an effective way to promote themselves or their blog.

Here are five good ways to promote yourself and your blog.

  1. Every time your post something new, update your Twitter status to with a catchy teaser. For instance, "Just posted, 5 ways to promote yourself on Twitter". Then add a way that people can read it "".

  2. Make it a habit to add 10 new followings per day. Before you know it, you'll have 100 followers as these people will follow you and their friends will soon follow.

  3. Set your settings to notify you whenever you get a new follower. Be sure to follow them back.

  4. Many Twitterers make it a habit to e-mail their new followers to thank them for the follow. They may also add a "visit me at this site" or "looking forward to Twittering with you".

  5. Let everyone know you are on Twitter. Place a Twitter gadget on your blog and add your twitter address on your Facebook and MySpace.

Don't underestimate the power of social networking thanks to Twitter.
You can make a lot of good connections by being a good follow.

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