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10 Secrets to Your Successful Blogging

This is a motivational post to 'keep you trucking'. Think of it as a 'hump day' reminder that the weekend is near. Only, this is a reminder to keep on working and perfecting your blog.

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Here are 10 Secrets to keeping your motivation.

  1. Set goals for the day, the month and the future. For the day may be to post about a specific topic. For the month could be to increase traffic by 10%. For the future can be to have 500 posts in a year.

  2. Have a specific time of day in your schedule to post daily. I use first thing after I've run my 5 miles and showered. I sit down at my computer, check my e-mail and do my blogging. I don't even think about it because it's something I do daily.

  3. Don't be too critical of yourself. If you feel as if you've messed up or slacked off, consider two things; most likely nobody else even noticed, and, you have a new opportunity with the new day that awaits you.

  4. Use variety of post topics all related to your theme. Today I'm posting about motivation. Yesterday I posted about Search Engines versus Directories.

  5. Use guest bloggers. I love having the input from the contributors to this site. They have their own views and knowledge plus, they have their own following, which they gladly share with me.

  6. Do your research. What are similar bloggers blogging about? Often, we can help one another by expanding upon an idea.

  7. Keep up with the news. I enjoy keeping up with the news that concerns my topic. For instance, contributor Shakespere contributed yesterday about the release of Google Chrome. He will blog next week on a review of Chrome.

  8. Subscribe to newsletters and updates. I subscribe to many newsletters. Some are from similar blogging 'experts' . I also subscribe to a daily Google search alert on my topic.

  9. Take an overall look at your blog once a month. Kind of like a check up with the doctor. Make sure that everything looks okay, your gadgets are functioning correctly, and your links work. This is a good time to evealuate the overall look and whether or not is is inline with your direction.

  10. Lastly, keep notes. Like a sketchbook, write down ideas when they come to mind. Many people carry these around with them to jot down ideas when they come to mind. This can serve as an excellent resource when you need it.

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