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12 Tips on Online Networking

Do not underestimate the power of social networking. When you least suspect it, social networking can more than serve your purposes and help you to attain your goals. With the use of the internet, social networking has never been easier and more efficient.

Here are 12 tips to remember when networking;

  1. Focus on one networking site at a time. Take a week to sign up, investigate how it works and build your persona.

  2. Don't over-kill by joining every single social network that is out there. Think quality of your participation and not quantity of your participations.

  3. Build your persona. This will become your branding so put some time into it. If your purpose of networking is to bring more traffic to your site, don't forget to mention your site subtly. Add a link under 'my sites' and mention that you are a blogger in your job description.

  4. Join groups that have to do with what your purpose it. If you are attempting to promote your hacking blog, join a hacking group.

  5. I would recommend a micro blogging tool- such as Twitter, and a larger network such as Facebook. Focus on belonging to two and promote the other in your posts.

  6. Look for friends. Usually on Facebook, someone will accept you as a friend if there is a common friend between you. When you are accepted or confirmed as a friend, check out the other persons friends for new friends. Don't request them all though.

  7. When you request a friend, add a note such as, "I saw that you are a member in this group and we both have John Doe as a common friend."

  8. Don't get carried away with sending things like bumper stickers etc. This can become annoying. Let the other person guide the level of friendship.

  9. Take advantage of the mailbox address importer to see who you may know. You never know who they may know.

  10. Never underestimate the power of a friend, no matter who they are.

  11. Be friendly, conscious and courteous when you post something such as your status. You never know who will see this.

  12. Update often. You'll be more apt to be noticed in a sea of millions.

Social networking is vital if you want to be a success in the online community.
Make what works for you work for you.

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