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Election 2008 Goes Twitter

Twitter once again has proved their presence in the 2008 election. Twitter has launched the first niche website - Twitter E08 . This site is focused on the presidential election campaign.

Twitter says they are filtering hundreds of Twitter updates per minute to create a new source for gathering public . The site is updated with new topical messages in real time.

Twitterers are able to follow the debates and everything else together. Users can send their own messages right from the Twitter election site and the messages will be sent to their Twitter timeline .

Also participating, are the candidates and their reps.

Is this a new turn for the growing online networking site?

This past summer, Twitter announced that it had acquired Summize. Summize is a popular search tool based on the Twitter application program interface (API) and is now called Twitter Search. Using this technology is what will be fuling the feeds for the Twitter election site.

Twitter has partnered with Current TV on election coverage. They have used live "tweets" to be displayed on-screen during its debate coverage.
Current calls it "Hack the Debate" . According to Current, this is how to participate;

1. Tune in on October 2nd at 9pm EST/ 6pm PST for the Live Vice Presidential Debate. Find Current TV on your local cable/satellite provider or come here to watch the live stream of our broadcast.
2. Make sure you’ve registered with Twitter to participate.
3. During the debates, chime in by including "#current" in your tweet. Example:
"This discussion about universal healthcare makes me want to pop some pills! #current"
4. We won't be able to air every single tweet on TV, but you can see all of the #current tweets by searching #current on Twitter search.
5. If you have any questions about participating, send us a tweet @current.

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