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Using LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn is a two way street.
Recruiters can find recruits and job seekers can find a job. For this reason, LinkedIn is a more serious and 'less fun' social networking site.

What is the success rate? Your success rate improves from not using LinkedIn as a source.

According to the company, LinkedIn provides these tips for using their services.

Using LinkedIn as a Job Seeker

Whether you’re actively seeking a job, or just keeping tabs on where your industry is heading, LinkedIn Jobs leverages your professional relationships to help you achieve your career goals.

Utilize the advanced job search to take that first step towards that dream job. Along with specific keywords you can tailor your search by specifying an experience level or job title to find the right job for your specific situation and career goals. Additionally, you can refine your search using the following criteria:

  • Location
  • Experience level
  • Date posted
  • Title
  • Company
  • Job Function (ex: Writing / Editing)
  • Industry (ex: Entertainment)

Browsing Jobs

Linked In Jobs - Browsing - Screenshot

Jobs that match your search terms and filtering criteria will be returned in two clickable tabs:

  • LinkedIn Jobs: positions posted directly on LinkedIn, including exclusive listings
  • The Web: positions from partner sites all over the web

Regardless of the source, LinkedIn will display who in your network can help you with the position. With LinkedIn you can reach out through your network and find the right person at the company for more information, to answer any questions, or even introduce you to the hiring manager.

Once you’ve returned search results, if you’d like to expand or refine your query, click the “refine search results” button and make changes without losing the information you’re already entered.

Application/referral process

Applying for a job is as easy as clicking the “Apply Now” button on the specific job listing page and filling in a few pieces of information. Information you provide during the application process along with your LinkedIn profile will be sent to the job poster.

Referrals are powerful tools that will help you get your foot in the door. Click on the “Request Referral” button to see whom in your network connects you to the job poster. You can then request an Introduction, which lets you contact people through those that you know. If you want to contact a user who is two or three degrees away from you, you can request an introduction through one of your connections. Your connection will, in turn, decide whether to forward it on to the desired recipient (if in your 2nd degree) or to a shared connection (if in your 3rd degree).

Forwarding a job

See a job that you think would be a perfect fit for one of your connections? Click the “Email this job to a friend” button and pass it along. This virtuous cycle completes when one of your connections returns the favor by one day forwarding you an interesting opportunity.

I am a Hiring Manager

Hire Screenshot

Using LinkedIn you can reach 20+ million candidates, both those actively searching for a job as well as passive candidates. Passive candidates will often receive a forwarded job listing because one of their contacts felt that it could be a great fit. Additionally, with a job module on every user’s home page, new opportunities frequently come across their radar. Industry wisdom proclaims passive candidates as the very best and most valuable candidates, but are notoriously hard to reach since they are rarely actively seeking a new job.

Begin your posting on the Jobs home page, by clicking on the “Post a Job” button. Posting is quick and easy with only a few simple steps:

  1. Compose job: Provide company, job and location details.
  2. Contact information: Choose how you would like to view and manage applications
  3. Confirmation: Review and confirm all details for your job posting
  4. Payment: Enter payment information

Did you know: Jobs posted exclusively on LinkedIn receive special promotion at no extra cost

How much does it cost?

Each job posting costs $195 and is visible for 30 days. Corporate accounts and bulk discounts are available.

Leverage the power of your network to announce your job opening. After entering payment information and posting your position, you will be able to forward your position to your network.

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Ray said...

Linkedin was added to the Top 10 employment site list. linkedin is still the only social network on the list though.....the newest 3 job sites are- (professional networking) (aggregated listings) (matches you to the perfect job)

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