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Adding a Favicon to your blog

Adding a Favicon to your site is like dotting the "i's" or crossing the "t's". It's that extra touch that makes your site look professional.
Favicon is short for 'Favorites Icon.' The Favicon is usually displayed on the address bar of your browser and in the Favorites menu. It's display depends on the browser used. The favicon becomes your website icon.

A favicon image is saved in an ico file format. Just like a photograph would be saved in a JPG file format. The ico file is actually a repository of bitmap like images. They are usually a 16x16 pixel image or a 32x32 image.
Once you have your favicon, you must add the following code to your head section (use your html editor). Between the between the<head> </head> put in <link rel="icon" href="Fave/Name.ico"/>
As an example, the one used for looks like this
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="" />
Keep in mind that you will need a storage location on a server for the favicon to point to.

Here are some helpful sites;

  • AntiFavicon - An online tool which creates text favicons in different colors. [Italian and English].
  • Collabyrinth - A free, online icon editor by Andy Deck for producing favicons in the windows ICO format. Requires Java.
  • DeGraeve: Favicon Editor - An online favicon editor by Steven DeGraeve, which also offers the option to generate a favicon from an uploaded PNG image.
  • FavIcon from Pics - Generates favicon images for browser address bars, favorites and tabs, from pictures, logos and other graphics.
  • Favicon Generator - A free online tool which creates a favicon.ico from an uploaded image.
  • - Online Java icon editor to create favicon.ico files that customize the marketing logo in favorites/bookmarks.
  • Graphics Guru: Favicon Generator - Free online tool that can create favicon (.ico) images.

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