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How to capture all of those great ideas.

When we start our blog often we go into it with a wealth of ideas. Often there are so many ideas that it is hard to bottle them all up and get them posted as meaningful posts that make sense to our readers.

Having a wealth of information to blog about seems like a good thing. It can be motivating because it gives us a sense of blog fertility. But, what happens when all of a sudden you can't remember all of those great ideas and you have nothing to post? AKA hitting the brick wall. This is the point where you may ask yourself is it worth keeping the blog going?

I have some tips on capturing those great ideas to use during dry spells.

  • Keep some sort of a journal. Many professional artists and graphic designers swear by their sketch books. They carry a sketch book with them where ever they go. The sketch book becomes a wealth of inspirations and thoughts.

  • Keep a collection of magazine and newspaper articles that inspire you in some way. Even if you don't use the specific article or topic you will be inspired by leads that you can get from a simple web address listed or organization profiled.

  • Have you ever received some kid of junk mail or an advertisement that is absolutely inspiring to the eye? Hold on to it. This collection may provide your mind with the creative inspiration you have overlooked.

  • And finally, use your bookmarks. Keep a bookmark of websites that you may want to visit again in the future for information. While a bookmark may not be today's inspiration, it may serve as tomorrow's topic.

I am so happy to be able to contribute to Successfulblogging. Thanks so much for your following.


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