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How ot Promote your Blog Via Social Networking

Social networking has become the hottest and most important tool for blog promotion.

Why use Social Networking to promote your blog?
Here are five really good reasons.
  2. This traffic can bring more traffic through links, references, and word of mouth.
  3. Making contacts to help promote your blog
  4. Testing, proofreading and everything else that falls under constructive help.
  5. Promotes you- the author.

Where to start your social networking to promote your blog?

. It can't be any easier. Sign up for Twitter, it's free, no obligation etc., Look for me tigermanryan. Click on "Follow"
While your on my profile, feel free to see who I am following and who is following me.

The advantages of using Twitter include;

  • Instant messaging all of your followers when you have posted something new. Simply update that you posted and what the interesting topic is.
  • Help you promote your site by adding it to your profile. You'd be surprised how often people check this out.
  • Having a sounding block for asking questions, looking for information, and more.
Another good networking site to check out is Facebook.

On Facebook you can join groups and request friends with common interests. Be sure to also add your site to your profile and a feed via a feed app.

Finally, if you are at the point where you are serious about networking, check out LinkedIn. This is a more serious site that specializes in hook-ups especially in the job market.
Many big named companies will use LinkedIn for recruiting purposes. Beyond that, Linkdon give you an opportunity to promote yourself as a professional to the world. Simply update your profile and join groups.