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Creating a blog network from your social network

Over the past week I have been focusing on the world of social networking to promote your blog. This is something that has become very popular over the past year because it works. Whether the end result is to get more traffic or simple to get your blog noticed, social networking is a proven method.

Once you have created your network of friend and you have all shared and have visited blogsites, the next step could be to create a blog network from your social network.

Here are some tips for forming your blog network;

  1. Have a mutual purpose to all of the blogs invited into this network. The mutual focus can be a hobby or common interest.

  2. Don't go over-board with the number of blogs in the network as there will be a point will that will distract from one another.

  3. If there are too many blogs, say over 20, to add to your blog network then it is time to split them up into subcategories.

  4. It is okay to belong to more than one network.

  5. Start a blogroll for your network. Post it proudly on your blog.

  6. Use an image or catchy phrase for your blog roll. This will help in establishing credibility.

  7. Keep in contact with members on a weekly basis to keep everyone motivated.

  8. Inspire members to visit member blogs and leave inspiring comments.

  9. Share information with and be sure to site and link to the other blogs in your network.

  10. Consider having a contest, writing an e-book, or using another marketing tool with your network buddies.

The purpose of joining a network is to promote, be promoted and support one another. IT's a great tool for any blogger.

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