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Explain Yourself- 5 easy steps

Like most bloggers, or authors, when you get an idea in your head you just want to run with it. Often the words come out so fast that you can hardly keep up with yourself. When this happens, it is easy to lose your readers.

Here are 5 easy steps to help you explain yourself in your posts.

  • Get everything on your mind written down. Do it as it comes to you before your forget to mention something. If you are away from your computer, consider writing your ideas on paper, continuing with the process until you post.

  • When everything is written, or typed in, edit your structure. By structure, I mean, your introduction paragraph, your closing paragraph (summation) and the meat in between. Weed out the extra words or tangent ideas in an effort to get to the point.

  • Write your first an last paragraph. They should resemble one another in that the first paragraph will tell the reader what your post is about and the last paragraph will tell the reader what you just told them.

  • Arrange the meat of your post into paragraphs. Each paragraph should have a main topic and 3-5 sentences explaining the one topic. Be specific in your wording as if your are speaking to someone who knows nothing about the topic.

  • Finally, edit, edit and edit. If you have too much information, consider writing another post. Check your punctuation and wording. Imagine yourself as the reader if you knew nothing about the subject. Would be able to fully comprehend what the author was saying? It may help to ask someone else to read it for you and make suggestions.
Writing is a craft that everyone, even the experts, develop on a daily basis. Your goal is to inform your reader. Keep this in mind during the entire process.

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