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Blog Carnival

One option for joining like blogs together is a blog carnival. A blog carnival goes a step further than a blog roll.It is a good option for hobby bloggers. Often, the other blogs in the carnival can refer visitors.

A blog carnival is a site where someone take blog posts on a given topic, and then puts all those posts together in a blog post called a "carnival". Carnivals can be very descriptive and they come in edited "editions", just like magazines or journals. The fact that carnivals are edited (and usually annotated) collections of links lets them serve as "magazines" within the blogosphere. Carnival hosts can earn their readership by providing high quality collections.
Since blog carnivals include lots of posts on specific topics, they also serve as a place to connect with those who are expert (or at least highly opinionated!) and those who are interested in that field.
Blog Carnival  collect together links pointing to blog articles on a particular topic. Editions of the carnival typically come out on a regular basis . Each edition is a special blog article that consists of links to all the contributions that have been submitted, often with the editors opinions or remarks. 

A Blog Carnival is comprised of the following:
  • The Organizer starts the carnival, decides what it will be about, what the submission criteria are, and how often it will appear. They also coordinate who will host each edition of the carnival.   Organizers use Blog Carnival to manage the schedule of who is hosting what and when, so they can present it to their audience in a single, well-known place.

  • The Host volunteers to host a carnival edition on their blog. They work with the organizer to pick a date that suits them (popular carnivals schedule their hosts for months in advance). In the period leading up their scheduled date, they collect submissions from bloggers, and organize them into a single article chalk-full of links, often with their own comments.

  • Bloggers who have written an article on the carnival's topic can submit the link for inclusion in the next edition of the carnival. Often, bloggers who contribute to carnivals are experts in their field (or at least, highly opinionated!). Blog Carnival has a carnival submission form for each carnival that bloggers can use to submit links to selected posts to a carnival host. All the blogger needs to know is the name of the carnival, and Blog Carnival takes care of getting it to the right person.

  • The Audience consists of both bloggers and just-plain-interested readers. They come to Blog Carnival to find out if there is a carnival on a topic they are interested in, and to find out where the carnival editions have been, and where they're going to be in the future.
Browse through the Blog Carnival carnival index, to find carnivals on a topic you blog about. Click on the name of the carnival to see its profile page. The profile page for each carnival has a description that tells you what the carnival is about, and several pointers that you can read.
The Blog Carnival web site has a web page for every carnival it knows about  and it also has a page for every carnival edition it knows about.
The Blog Carnival team has already added a number of carnivals that we have found (or that people have told us about). If you are the person who is organizing this carnival, just tell us, and we will assign it to your account. Once that is done, you can update it yourself.
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It's your turn to host a carnival on your blog, and you've created a fabulous round-up of links to your fellow bloggers. How do you get that listed at Blog Carnival?
  1. Sign up! In order to add or edit listings at Blog Carnival, you need to have an account.
  2. Find your carnival. If you're carnival is not listed, and you are the organizer for this carnival, Simply add it. (Now, don't confuse the listing for a carnival with the listing for an edition of a carnival!)
  3. Log in! When you log in, you'll see all the carnivals and editions you can edit. Click on the carnival name (example). You'll see a list of past editions, followed by a list of upcoming editions.
  4. Is your edition already listed? There are many ways editions get listed, so your edition may already be here. Review the list of past editions, and see if your edition is at the top of the list. If it is, you can check to see if the listing is correct, in which case you're done.
  5. Is there an upcoming edition listed? Look at the list of upcoming editions. Is yours in it? If so, click on the edit button, and change the edition from "upcoming" to "already posted". You can then enter the Permalink URL (what's that?) of your edition on to the form, then adjust the remaining fields.
  6. Otherwise, click on Add a new carnival edition, check off "already posted", and enter the Permalink URL.

Blog Carnival simplifies carnivals for two kinds of people:
  contact the Blog Carnival team.


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