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10 great details to include on your blog or site

Starting and maintaining a blog requires a lot of planning and time. Often there is so much to remember that it is easy to forget details.
Here is a listing of what not to forget.
Checklist of thing to have on your blog site.

  1. Label or tag. This makes it easy to reference in archiving at a later date. It is essential for keeping organized, especially when you have a lot of posts to keep track of.
  2. Introductory information. This is where you give the visitor a brief overview of the site in general. What is your site about? Make it easy for your visitor to know why they want to stay or come back.
  3. About you. It's okay to put a little bit of yourself into your site. An about me section lets the visitor know exactly who is writing and gives you some kind of authority.
  4. Commenting tools. Make it easy for people to comment. You can always delete the spam or inappropriate comments as they come. The benefit of ease of commenting far out weight the bad comments.
  5. Social bookmarking ability. Don't get carried away with too many. It's easy to do. Have a few, like digg, just to make it look like you are here to stay. Having these can also send you some traffic.
  6. RSS subscription. Have some sort of a feed or newsletter available. Make it easy to subscribe. It is a great way to keep your site in the minds of others.
  7. Referencing. Have a way to refer visitors elsewhere. For example, have a link list. This gives your visitor the feeling that you are a good source for information.
  8. Easy navigation. Once you have your labels, having links to the labels is easy to do. This can give some kind of navigation method if people are interested in reading about something specific.
  9. Welcome. Have something that welcome your visitor. The easiest thing to do is to have a visual such as a banner.
  10. Connection with you. Have a way that people can connect with you. This can be as easy as a 'contact me' with your e-mail address or a link to your twitter or facebook pages.
Adding the above list to your checklist will help your site achieve the over-all look and feel that it needs to be successful.