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Yahoo MyWeb

Yahoo has introduced MyWeb as their method to find, save, and share knowledge on the Web.
It is Yahoo's answer to social bookmarking.

According to Yahoo, MyWeb lets you:

* Save favorite web content so you can easily re-find it.
* Connect with others so you can selectively share the sites you save.
* Benefit from other MyWeb users by tapping into their collection of sites.
* Browse tags to identify active taggers on any topic.

According to Yahoo, their MyWeb service allows you to tap into a directory of favorite web content bookmarked by thousands of people. The content is organized so that you can browse through it by keyword or instantly search to find content on a particular subject.

Replace the way you bookmark favorite web content.

MyWeb does it better by letting you "tag" sites with keywords, change the title, and add a note to what you save. Better yet, you can search all your bookmarks by tag, title, note, and page content to instantly re-find what you saved. It's easy to start. MyWeb automatically converts most browsers' bookmarks.

Connect with friends and contacts to share what you know and benefit from what they know.

MyWeb lets you connect with friends and colleagues, allowing you to privately share what you know with each other. You can find better answers through your community of trusted people.

Discover what the world has tagged and shared.

MyWeb users are out there now—discovering new sites, tagging them, and sharing them with the MyWeb community. You can see what the rest of the world is saving, browse tags to discover expert resources, and find new content. Step beyond web content that's ranked by search technology alone, to content ranked by real people!

To get started:

  • Activate MyWeb.
  • Install Yahoo! Toolbar: If you don't have a link to MyWeb in your browser, you can only save pages from a Yahoo! Search results page, or manually from the MyWeb management pages.
  • Import your bookmarks.
  • Add contacts to your community and start sharing what you know.

After that, whenever you're logged in and find a web page you want to save, just go to your Toolbar and use the Save to MyWeb option in the MyWeb pull-down menu to save it.

Invite friends to join your community or add new contacts directly to your list as you discover them.

Remember, the more contacts you add and the more pages you save, the more you can share what you know and discover better answers from the people you trust.

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