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20 tips for Hobby Bloggers

Most of us enjoy spending our free time with a hobby. Some of us have a specific hobby that we are passionate enough about to start a blog about.

Here are 10 tips for the hobby bloggers.They are designed to help you share your passion

  1. Choose your subject. Let your subject choose you as well.
  2. Decide what kind of point of view you will take on the subject.
  3. Do your research to see what kind of similar blogs are out there.
  4. Do your research to be assured that you will always have ample information to keep your blog running.
  5. Make sure that you choose a topic and point of view that you have some authority on.It will be all too evident if you are a novice with simple information
  6. Align yourself with similar hobby bloggers. This is easy to to with a blog roll.
  7. Show links to the next step for you visitors. By next step, I mean once they have read your post, what will their next step be.
  8. Choose your advertising to complement your topic.
  9. Use a variety of resources for information.
  10. Also include images and possible embedded videos.
  11. Always quote and tag your resources.
  12. Never steal information and call it your own.
  13. Use at least 2 links in every post.
  14. Attempt to present old information in a new and freshened look.
  15. Don't be afraid to complement a similar blogger by leaving a comment and a link.
  16. Offer a newsletter with the latest updates of news and other information.
  17. Share yourself as part of the hobby in your blog.
  18. Take pictures of yourself enjoying the hobby and post them on your blog.
  19. Draw attention to your blog by joining social bookmarking sights,
  20. Always make your appear fun and interesting by using good descriptions in your post.

Hobby blogging is fun and eciting. It's also a wonderful way to share your hobby with others.

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