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Current TV and Twitter to take on Debates

Current and Twitter are coming to a Presidential debate near you. Current TV is handing over feedback on the upcoming presidential debates to its audience.

The first presidential debate is planned for Sept. 26, with two more debates and a vice presidential debate to follow. Current, partnering with Twitter, will have a similar live stream on its Web site, close to real time, Current will display comments on the screen while Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama face off.

During the debates, the network will broadcast Twitter messages — or "tweets" — from viewers.

Current was co-founded by former Vice President Al Gore. Joel Hyatt, CEO of Current, said the technique — dubbed "Hack the Debate" — was not Gore's idea, but he and Gore both share a dim view of post-debate punditry.

Comments will be filtered, but Hyatt claims they will only be filtered to suit broadcast standards.

According to their website,
is the place to find and share stories and videos that are interesting to you. It connects to Current TV, a global cable and satellite TV network.

Since its inception in 2005, Emmy award-winning Current TV has been the world's leading peer-to-peer news and information network. Current is the only 24/7 cable and satellite television network and Internet site produced and programmed in collaboration with its audience. Current connects young adults with what is going on in their world, from their perspective, in their own voices.

With the launch of, the first fully integrated web and TV platform users can participate in shaping an ongoing stream of news and information that is compelling, authentic and relevant to them.

Current pioneered the television industry's leading model of interactive viewer created content (VC2). Comprising roughly one-third of Current's on-air broadcast, this content is submitted via short-form, non-fiction video "pods". Viewer Created Ad Messages (VCAMs) are also open to viewer's participation.

Current is now viewed in the U.S. and U.K. in more than 51 million households through distribution partners Comcast (Channel 107 nationwide), Time Warner (nationwide), DirecTV (channel 366 nationwide), Dish Network (channel 196 nationwide), Sky (channel 183) and Virgin Media Cable (channel 155).


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