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Social Networking for your business

This week I have been focusing on using social networking. My emphasis is mostly on using networking for promotion of something, whether it is you, your blog or your business.

A social network is a powerful businesses tool .

  • Social networking can;
  • Promote you as a professional to enhance your ability to et promoted or seek another job.
  • Provides a way for clients, customers, vendors, and coworkers to share ideas and learn from one another.
  • Serve as a motivational means by inspiring people.
  • Assist you in keeping up with the latest trends that can affect your business.
  • Is a simple way to advertise, if anything.
When using social networking it is important to put some kind of an effort into it on a daily, or regular basis. Here is how.

  • Keep your followers informed. Update them with articles, posts, and other information.
  • Keep the information fresh, new and exciting . Not unlike a blog.
  • Be personable with your followers. This is easy to do with e-mails, messages, and more.
  • Interact with people through polls and questions.
Recruiting and being recruited via social networking.

One of the biggest names in social networking for the sole purpose of recruitment is LinkedIn.
LinkedIn launched in 2003 and is designed to grow professional referrals and interactive exchanges with colleagues. With LinkedIn, members submit contacts and invite friends and associates into their loop. Members can then tap into a database of new business contacts that are nested within their contacts' circle of friends/contacts. LinkedIn is more serious and professional than other sites.

LinkedIn has more than 10 million users. Some of their users are big. LinkedIn has secured more than 350 corporations paying upward of US$250,000 each to advertise job postings.

Tomorrow, I will focus on using LinknedIn