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As if New Yorkers don't have enough to keep them awake and talking about stuff. Now there is a new Web site,, which is devoted to the NYC who's who talk. The site lists profiles of the 2,121 most notable people in New York City and has sparked questions by some wannabe movers and shakers as to why they are not on the list. This could be a form of blogging taken to the next level.

The site is also home to their blog, Dailyfile, which is updated continually on weekdays.

They want you to work with them.
You can contribute to the site by registering for free, which will allow you to post comments, rate people, and upload photos. If you have some info to share with us about a particular person on the list—or you'd like to suggest someone we should consider adding to the database—you can do so here. Or you can simply email us at If you're interested in writing and/or editing opportunities, feel free to drop us a line at

If you have the time, or are in the mood to smile, check it out.,