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Help wanted: Guest Bloggers

The other day I put out a want- ad post looking for guest bloggers.
(thanks to all who have responded and YES, you can still respond).

Guest bloggers can do a lot to help your blog;
  1. Guest bloggers can add a new dimension to your topic, writing and knowledge base.
  2. They can bring their readership to you site.
  3. A guest blogger can fill in for you if you have to miss a blogging day or just need a day off.
  4. A partnership can lend an authoritative view to your site credibility.
  5. Guest bloggers share a new insight that you may never even have thought about.
  6. Having a guest blogger can ultimately increase your traffic.
  7. Using a guest blogger who is somewhat of an expert on a subject can be beneficial to your diversity of knowledge.
Over time the goal for a guest blogger can be a team blog.
Team blogging can serve as an excellent resource especially when each of the team mates has a specialty. Some of the most successful blog sites are team blogs.

Yahoo! Autos

Here are some benefits to you when you sign up as a team blogger;
  1. Your name becomes known.
  2. You can ride on the reputation of the other team members.
  3. A team blog can easily drive traffic to your other blogs.
  4. You can bask in the traffic brought in by the other team members.
  5. Each team member can learn from one another.
  6. Team members can help one another through feedback
  7. Writing for a team blog can make you more credible to readers.
Keep in mind that when you sign up you may not get paid or be privileged to any ad revenues. However, you can greatly benefit by driving traffic to your site through your knowledge.

Do you have blogging knowledge to share?
If you are interested in guest blogging on this site please e-mail me.

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