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Tech Savvy Dem Convention

The Democrats are promising a technologically "savvy" convention.

Anchoring the Convention’s technology offerings is the official Web site, In addition to traditional content such as video highlights and full text of Convention speeches, the 2008 Convention Web site will feature an exclusive daily Convention preview program, behind-the-scenes blog posts, pictures and video uploaded by Convention attendees and citizens across the country, an aggregated feed from an unprecedented blogger pool and much more.

In a first for a political Convention, the DNCC will offer live, gavel-to-gavel, streaming video coverage in HD at Microsoft’s Silverlight platform will provide viewers with an unprecedented opportunity to individually tailor their Convention experiences by selecting their desired camera angles.

A complete, Spanish-language simulcast will also be available on More than 300 million people around the globe speak Spanish, including 35 million Americans, and the simulcast will ensure that more people can fully participate in this year’s historic Democratic National Convention and the democratic process.

A series of daily webcasts, “Countdown to America’s Future,” will feature exclusive interviews and nightly Convention previews. “Countdown” will air Sunday–Thursday at 2:30 pm MT/4:30 pm ET and on Friday, August 29 at 7:00 am MT/9:00 am ET. “Countdown” will also be available on Comcast’s Video on Demand and via satellite to media newsrooms across the country.

“America’s Town Hall” will virtually throw open the doors to the Convention hall by inviting individuals across the country to submit text and video questions at Elected leaders and national policy experts will respond directly to voters’ questions live from the Convention floor and online throughout the week.

Through a partnership with YouTube, Convention-goers will also be able to share their unique perspectives by uploading photos and video at kiosks inside.

A record 120 blogs have been credentialed as members of the media for the Convention, connecting communities across the country to the historic event through the eyes and ears of an influential group of online voices. The pool includes blogs covering national, state and local politics, blogs representing a variety of communities and issue-specific blogs.

The DNCC’s blog will feature behind-the-scenes blogposts and video and an aggregated feed of highlights from credentialed blogs.


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