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Blogging for education

A blog can be used for many purposes beyond keeping an online journal.
Teachers can use a blog as an online source for their students and families.

Here are a few examples;
Miss Baker's Biology Class
Here is a listing of numerous blogs
Teacher Magazine
Setting up your classroom blog is as simple as you make it. I would suggest using a Blogger Blog since these are the easiest to work with. If you are more experienced and your school has server space, you can explore WordPress software. It's important to keep the actual blog simple to use because mostly, time is precious.

1. Sign up for your blog. I would suggest using Blogger and the minima template. This template is cleas and easy to work with.

2. Customize your blog. Using gadgets from the layouts page, add subscriptions, pictures and some kind of statement about your blog and it's purpose.

3. Add links. You may want to add links for resources for learning and research. Also add a link to your e-mail address.

4. Notify your intended audience. You may want to invest the nominal fee for purchasing an easy to remember domain name.

5. Keep updating. Posting, adding links, and new gadgets will keep your blog updated.

A blog can serve as an excellent resource for teachers. Besides the fact that it is free, a blog is easy to update from anywhere and can be a personable and effective means to share information.

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