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Stuck for a topic

Every now and then it happens to everyone. What will you blog about today?

When I hit the brick wall, I tend to look at the broader picture of topic sources. Here are some ideas.

  • Check news sites- CNN, Fox, MSNBC are all good places to start. Often you can find some sort of a lead that interests you and you can do a Google search to find out more about it.

  • If you subscribe to similar blogs, go read what they are writing about. Don't steal. You can quote or get ideas though. Be sure to let the blogger know that you are quoting if you do.

  • Lately I've been blogging a lot about Twitter. You can get a lot of ideas from fellow Twitterers by reading what they write or visiting their sites.

  • Review former posts on your blog. Some may need to be updated or expanded upon.

  • Check out your analytics to see what the popular blog posts are or what search terms they are using to find you.
  • I subscribe to Google Alerts. This is an easy to format search that gets sent to you as requested.

  • Step outside your blogging box and consider writing about something different. It will give a human touch to your writing.

  • Lastly, never underestimate the value of guest bloggers. Consider asking someone who comments on your blog, a blogger that you follow or heck, I'd even guest blog.

Hitting the brick wall is no big deal. Everyone does it at some point. The trick is to keep writing.