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Technorati Pinging

"Ping" is a utility used in a TCP/IP environment to determine if a given IP Address exists or is reachable. Typically, Ping is used to diagnose a network connection problem. Many times you will be asked, "Can you ping that address?". That means, does the Ping utility return a success message trying to reach the "problem" IP Address?

To use a ping service or to "ping" means to let others know that your site has been updated. Within the WordPress interface, "ping" is sometimes used to refer to Pingbacks and Trackbacks.

Here is an example.

You can manually Ping by entering your web address.

Some popular web hosts make pinging automatic with posting. That is, when you post a ping notification is sent to someone who may be interested, such as technorati. This helps to promote traffic to your site.

You can set your blog software up to ping Technorati automatically by entering into your blog's configuration.

Pinging Technorati in Blogger

Technorati receives alerts from the Blogger servers whenever a user updates his or her public weblog. To mark your Blogger weblog as public please follow the instructions below.

  1. Log in to your Blogger account.
  2. Click the "Change Settings" icon for your weblog.

    Blogger blog listing
  3. Add your blog to Blogger listings.

    Make Blogger blog public
  4. Save your settings.

    Save Blogger settings button

WordPress users can install pinging by doing the following;

Ping Technorati using WordPress

  1. Log in to your WordPress weblog.

  2. Select "Options" from the top menu.

    WordPress options menu
  3. Select "Writing" from the sub-menu.

    WordPress writing option
  4. The last option on the page is "Update Services." Add Technorati's ping server as a new line within the Update Services text box.

    If Ping-o-Matic ( appears in the text box you are configured to ping Technorati as well as many other ping locations via a relay service. We recommend pinging Technorati directly with every new post and update.

    WordPress Technorati ping
Other blogs that can do pinging;
  1. b2
  2. Blogger
  3. Ecto
  4. MarsEdit
  5. Movable Type
  6. Nucleus
  7. Radio UserLand
  8. TypePad
  9. Wordpress
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